What is FaunaKeys?

FaunaKeys makes available web-based taxonomic tools for easy identification of selected invertebrate and vertebrate groups in New South Wales and Australia.

Illustrated interactive keys combined with information pages, photo images and accompanying checklists on taxa will provide hands-on education for both beginners and professionals in the field. The keys are linked to helpful glossaries and labelled diagrams on general anatomy and morphology. Additionally, lists of useful references will be handy for those seeking further information or literature sources.



Most of these keys require Lucid Player 2.2 to be installed on your computer. Lucid Player 2.2 is a windows-based software program developed by the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT) at the University of Queensland. To see the system requirements for Lucid Player 2.2 click here, and to download Lucid Player 2.2 free of charge click here.

Many of the keys were created with the assistance of Community Access to Natural Resource Information (CANRI) funding. For more information on the resources available through CANRI, visit the CANRI website at http://www.canri.nsw.gov.au/